I love mac & cheese, and I love that this vegan recipe is healthy and delicious. Thank you world, for allowing me to have a healthy version of this dish. I tested this on a best friend that loves milk. She was very surprised about how good this was. Print Vegan Mac & Cheese Author: EPICUREANVEGAN […]

Print Quinoa Spinach Cakes Author: Daniel Recipe type: Vegan Entree Prep time:  4 hours Cook time:  10 mins Total time:  4 hours 10 mins Serves: 4   This recipe requires at least five hours prior to serving. I was able to get it on the table for dinner, but some nights we eat later than others. It is […]

Starting this entry was perplexing for a number of reasons. Should it start with commenting on all the babies being born by close friends and how that may be the motivation for this? What about the vegetable garden I started growing, or how there is no longer any rotting flesh in my refrigerator? However I […]