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The most rewarding experience as a web developer is having a client excited about their new website. Through a referral, I was matched with two energetic entrepreneurs that have an automobile dent removal business. Their previous website was difficult to update, only worked on larger screens, was not optimized for mobile, and was pretty clunky […]

An affordable and portable rise up table top. Designed for use with existing furniture. It has four varying heights reaching up to twelve inches. This light weight table top allows for easy carrying, and has a built in handle. Originally intended for an office setting, it offers much more for a plethora of uses. The […]

Time well spent is time in front of the canvas. It’s been a long road, but finally the studio has declared itself the new office. Each wall is covered by wet canvases and rich, colorful compositions. Please do not judge based on photo, one must experience these in person to know what they truly are […]

Helping people is important, and sometimes providing a little bit of your time can do more than one can imagine. Over the past few years, I have been fortunate to provide my free time to helping a local organization that helps others in need. This month, I launched a new website for Second Chance-Last Opportunity […]

I love mac & cheese, and I love that this vegan recipe is healthy and delicious. Thank you world, for allowing me to have a healthy version of this dish. I tested this on a best friend that loves milk. She was very surprised about how good this was. Print Vegan Mac & Cheese Author: EPICUREANVEGAN […]

My response to an image for a collaboration created by Kasey Lindley. Please view the full post with information over at Sarasota Visual Art: http://sarasotavisualart.com/2014/02/open-invitation-e-mail-collaboration-project/

Wedding Portrait, young married couple with cat (in progress), oil on linen, 38″x42″ References … Jacob Jordaens 1621, Man and his wife, Portrait of a young married couple. Frans Hals 1643, Paulus Verschuur

When it comes to things I miss the most, pizza is almost always #1 on any given day. See, I have a long history with this wonder food. Growing up in New Jersey offered the best pizza. Stop nodding your head, New York pizza is good because of Jersey pizza. Anyway, I don’t eat that […]

Print Quinoa Spinach Cakes Author: Daniel Recipe type: Vegan Entree Prep time:  4 hours Cook time:  10 mins Total time:  4 hours 10 mins Serves: 4   This recipe requires at least five hours prior to serving. I was able to get it on the table for dinner, but some nights we eat later than others. It is […]

Starting this entry was perplexing for a number of reasons. Should it start with commenting on all the babies being born by close friends and how that may be the motivation for this? What about the vegetable garden I started growing, or how there is no longer any rotting flesh in my refrigerator? However I […]

Lonzo | 16"x16" | Acrylic on Panel Lonzo | 16"x16" | Acrylic on Panel (closeup)

I created this video which was shown at my final SARTQ Exhibition. It was put in a loop in between two dancer sketches (scroll down). I made effects within the contained loop. All of which was projected about 16 feet wide, 12 feet high.

In September of 2011, Tim Jaeger and I created a new company. Its purpose is to provide the city of Sarasota, and the West Coast of Florida, with a valuable resource that focuses on the visual arts.  Our content includes, and is not limited to; featured artists, featured galleries, upcoming events, exhibits, art functions, reviews […]

Kevin Costello reviews SARTQ: Thirteen http://bit.ly/t5iV3W. Daniel Miller, like [Joseph] Arnegger, revisits the recent past of art history to hold a mirror up to the present. But for Miller it is the recent past of video art. His “untitled” continuous video loop has the feel of the early days of this medium. The quiet, Zen […]