I love mac & cheese, and I love that this vegan recipe is healthy and delicious. Thank you world, for allowing me to have a healthy version of this dish. I tested this on a best friend that loves milk. She was very surprised about how good this was. Print Vegan Mac & Cheese Author: EPICUREANVEGAN […]

My response to an image for a collaboration created by Kasey Lindley

Wedding Portrait, young married couple with cat (in progress), oil on linen, 38″x42″ References … Jacob Jordaens 1621, Man and his wife, Portrait of a young married couple. Frans Hals 1643, Paulus Verschuur

When it comes to things I miss the most, pizza is almost always #1 on any given day. See, I have a long history with this wonder food. Growing up in New Jersey offered the best pizza. Stop nodding your head, New York pizza is good because of Jersey pizza. Anyway, I don’t eat that […]

Garfield Park Conservatory www.garfield-conservatory.org This is the first of a series. Dimensions are 73 inches x 56 inches.

Garfield Park Conservatory www.garfield-conservatory.org This is the second of a series. Dimensions are 74 inches x 61 inches.

Currently working with javascript, PHP, MySQL, and WordPress theme creation. I’m beginning to understand Twitter Bootstrap, and how to apply that to my development projects. I’m finding it a bit obnoxious to have multiple blogs. While understanding how to create my own wordpress theme (this blog being the example), I’m considering bringing everything here from […]